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Let's Assess Your Entrepreneurship Talent

Entrepreneurship Talent Assessment System (ETAS)

  • Before you get started with your Entrepreneurship, we want you to know about what you carry in yourself, you might be faced with questions like
  • “Will I be a successful entrepreneur?”
  • “Will I be able to handle responsible roles?”
  • “Will I be able to lead startup team?”
  • You might have a certain perception about yourself, but we want to qualify and quantify that for you
  • We devised a well-researched and thought through assessment to help know your Entrepreneurship Quotient

Job Eligibility Test

ETAS Coverage

  • Our Oneday Workshop , developed by the UYM think tank to guide you in the right directon for your business compliances
  • As a company that specialises in preparing you for quick start up mode, if you miss any compliance what are the complication are explained by experts in the industry
  • This session will empower your attitude, aptitude, integrated intelligence, leadership traits and communication skills, apart from analysing your technical skills
  • The session will dig and focus towards your strengths, growth areas and quick descisions
  • Once these are completed, you are all set to work on the making of the business out of you
ETAS Coverage

Benefits of ETAS

UYM helps you chart out your business path through various stages of your professional role, empowering you with the competencies required for the job that you dream to be at.
  • Improves your personal value
  • Identify your gaps of business skillsm,employability skills and career growth
  • Leads you to the career for everyone in the business
  • Post ETAS, UYM supports you with personal mentoring from experts if required
Benefits of ETAS

Take Our Entrepreneurship Talent Assessment System Now

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Entrepreneurship Talent Assessment

Rs.2000 ($30)
Rs.5000 ($80)

Entrepreneurship Oneday Workshop


Entrepreneurship Mentoring

Rs.20000 ($310)

Once you complete your online test, you will have a telephonic interview with our experts and an assessment report will be provided